**Great American Jubilee" (Gospel Classic Collection Vol. 1 CD)
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  1.  James Blackwood and Blackwood Brothers    Everyday Will Be Sunday By and By
  2.  Hovie Lister and the Statesmen                    Thank You
  3.  Florida Boys & Les Beasley                           Lead Me To The Altar
  4.  Wendy Bagwell and the Sunlighter                Here Come The Rattlesnake
  5.  Chuck Wagon Gang                                     Church In The Wildwood
  6.  Dixie Echoes                                               The Devil And His Old Suitcase
  7.  Sons of Song                                              Unto Him
  8.  Sego Brothers and Naomi                            Sorry I Never Knew You
  9.  Dixie Melody Boys                                       The Family Bible
10.  Jerry Goff and the Singing Goffs                   Please Search The Book Again
11.  Primitive Quartet                                         Thank You For The Roses
12.  Squire Parsons                                            Sweet Beaulah Land
13.  Spencers                                                    Coming Soon
14.  Wendy Bagwell and the Sunlighters              Walk Around Me Jesus
15.  Bishops                                                      He's In The Midst
16.  Encouragers & Dixie Melody Boys                 He's My King
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**Great American Jubilee" (Gospel Classic Collection Vol. 1 CD)

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